Shipping & Tracking


Whenever you buy anything online, shipping is the most important part you need to know about.

We offers two types of shipping methods

  1. Regular Shipping
  2. EMS Shipping

Regular Shipping

Regular Shipping is a basic registered shipping method. If you choose regular shipping then your parcel will arrive within 14-17 days at your address. It will cost 55.00 USD and will be delivered safely. Total delivery time is based on the time it takes to receive payment authorization, order processing, and the transit time from the carrier. You will receive an email when the order has been shipped. From the moment you receive your order shipping email, the delivery time officially begins.

EMS Shipping

EMS Shipping is fast express shipping. If you choose EMS Shipping then your package will arrive in 6-8 business days at your address. It will cost 95.00 USD and will arrive faster than regular shipping. Sometimes, the parcel can be stuck in customs, If it happens (chances are very low) then we will reship your parcel for free.

Shipping Origin

Your parcel will be shipped from EU, PH, or USA according to your selected product and shipping method.

Tracking Number

After receiving your order we will ask you for the payment confirmation. After payment confirmation, additional 24 hours will require for processing the order. After 24 hours we will supply you with the tracking number of your parcel so you can easily track your parcel. We will be in touch with you till the successful delivery at your doorstep. You can email us anytime regarding your order, we will do our best to assist you.

How to track the order

You can easily track your order status on for better service. Just put your tracking number and track your status simply by a single click.